The shop is located at the rear entrance of 463 King Street West, Hamilton Ontario. The shop is semi-private, tucked away and by appointment only. There is no phone at the shop, all booking is done via email: andrewwheeler.tattoos@gmail.com and brycehuffmantattoo@gmail.com.

Andrew has  been tattooing for 8 years, and enjoys working in many styles of tattooing, large and small. Please be patient with responses to emails, expect 24-48 hours in between. Please be concise and economical with your emails as can be. Include placement/idea/if you're travelling to get tattooed/if you have a budget. And don't hesitate to ask questions, but try to organize them all into one email, so they can be answered efficiently. If you have reference photos, or photos of an existing tattoo you want to cover or work around, please include them. Thank you in advance!

Some things to note:

-All tattoo appointments require a deposit, which comes off the price of the tattoo when it's complete. The deposit is non-refundable and non transferable. 48 hours notice is required to change appointments, and that can be done via email. This way there is a record of when you contacted me in the email. 

- We only take cash as  payment for tattoos. Deposits can be sent via e-transfer for travelling clients.

- Due to the large amount of emails we receive, we can't take on everything that comes our way. If either of us feel like we can't do a tattoo justice we will do our best to recommend someone who specializes in what you're looking for. 

- I don't e-mail sketches or drawings ahead of appointments, but I can meet with you a day or two ahead of your appointment and you can see your drawing at the shop.